What to Bring When You Attend Events at Foxwoods Casino

So you want to attend Foxwoods Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut. There are several things you should know about Foxwoods to help you make the most of your vacation and to avoid costly mistakes you may make. Read ahead for some advice about attending Foxwoods.

Many people think that Foxwoods is open only to a few select groups of VIP’s. In fact, it is open to anyone and everyone. Therefore, make sure you book a room before it sells out. If you plan on attending events at Foxwoods, including golfing, be sure to bring plenty of cash as many items will be required to purchase. Other than that, the atmosphere at Foxwoods is as friendly as any casino you will find anywhere.

So where can you go to attend events at Foxwoods? The most popular is the casino itself. The casino itself offers both table games and video poker. For those who would rather have something more relaxing to do, there are a number of dining options as well as an indoor water park.

So if you attend events at Foxwoods, what should you bring? The casino itself has a nice selection of tables, and you will need one or two cards to play any game of chance. If you are playing video poker, then you will need either a card with cash or a money machine, a chip card reader and a chip wallet. Anything that can store your card and your chips is a good idea.

Also carry such things as change, pens, notepads, phone cards, a hat, cell phone, hair dryer, tissue, and a change jar. If you have any of these things with you, you will not have to struggle to find them. Additionally, if you happen to need a place to get some air while you are waiting for your meal, you can ask an attendant to point you in the direction of an outside area of the casino.

Another thing to know is the customs of those attending Foxwoods. Some dress conservatively, others are dressed casually. The majority of guests are professional men, however there are women and children who will be attending as well. Therefore, you need to be able to blend in with the crowd and let them know that you have nothing to hide.

Finally, be sure to bring some snacks to enjoy while waiting for your food, and also some place to sit when you are finished eating at the local restaurant. A nice refreshing beverage will do you just fine.

If you are interested in attending future forthcoming events at Foxwoods, be sure to follow your local casinos, the casino’s Facebook page, and read up on what they have planned for the upcoming season. You will be surprised by the amount of fun that you can have with your friends and family, and without spending a ton of money.